Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Eco+ Yarn

This is my first attempt at a yarn review, so please excuse any clumsiness on my part, and let me know what I can do to make this more useful to you.

This is the first attempt to use the yarn I mentioned in my post about the Local Yarn Store. Here are my thoughts on it so far.

First of all, I usually buy yarn which is already in a convenient form. This is only the second time I've had to wind a hank of yarn into a ball in order to use it. This took a long time, and ended up with a very large ball (fortunately I have a very patient and loving 10 year old, who was willing to act as my swift!). At some point in my future, a ball winder will undoubtedly become necessary.

Then, in my eagerness to do it 'right', I went ahead and swatched. I started off with size 11 needles (remember the package called for 10 1/2). I really wasn't satisfied with that, so I frogged the whole thing and jumped right down to size 9 (my largest circulars). I really like the look of the yarn at this tension. I think it will make a beautiful hat. At this point, the gauge was 16st/4", which works for the pattern that I'm using. I washed my swatch gently by hand, with Woolite, set it out to dry, and ironed it. Yup, still 4 st/inch, so it's good to go.

My biggest concern with this is that the hat will be a donation. It needs to be reasonably easy to care for, and wool, unfortunately, is titchier than synthetics. I think that, since it's a hat it won't need to be washed that often. Also, I'm giving it to a half-way house, not a homeless shelter, so I *know* the recipient will have access to facilities to care for it properly.

I *love* the feel of this yarn. It's light weight and soft, no scratchiness at all, and the color is rich and deep. I don't like the slight tendency to 'shed', and it's a bit light weight for a sweater, I would think. Still no explanation of why the name Eco, and whether this actually is organic or not. I wish we had 'Fair Trade' certification for yarn in the States.


Donna said...

I wrote an article about organic wool a couple of years ago. I will try to find it and post it on my website, maybe even get some updates for it. There were several sources for organic wool yarn. Did you know you can also get organic cotton and hemp yarns? Check out http://www.lanaknits.com

Linda Manning Myatt said...

Don't wait to get a ball winder. It will save you a lot of time.

If you are interested in organic cotton and hemp, there is a liquidation sale at http://www.charkha.biz/Sale/Sale.htm
Most of this yarn is so fine you would probably ply it before knitting with it.