Monday, June 19, 2006

Marrhaven Yarn, Organic Wool

Marrhaven Yarn, a small farm in Michigan, sells chemical free wool yarn from their Merino-Rambiollet cross sheep. Their yarns are spun on a spinning mule, which is a 19th century invention that creates a yarn much more like handspun than today's spinning machines. The yarn is very lofty and fluffy, and it has a wonderful give on the needles.

They also offer heather colors, which have a small amount of dyed yarn blended with the chemical free yarn. The resulting yarn is much more environmentally friendly than yarn that includes 100% dyed fiber. Because they are a small farm, they are not certified organic, but I believe their yarns are more eco friendly than many others that are certified. I enjoy buying products from small companies and cottage industries, and what better way to support wool growing in America, than to buy wool directly from the farm?

Visit them on the web.

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